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Company: Government Services Group
Location: Longwood
Job Description:
Position Description:
The successful candidate will have strong professional credentials in communications and marketing. We’re looking for a smart, independent, self-starter. We look for people who are mission centered, organized, and focused on outcomes and teamwork. The successful candidate will have 5-7 years of progressively responsible experience. Must have excellent writing and graphic skills. Must know InDesign and other Adobe Suite software. Strategic planning, community relations and media relations experience is a plus. Multi-tasking, budget management, and time management are essential. Must know how to benchmark and present your results. 


Government Services Group has been a client of the Environmental PR Group for 17 years. They would like to have the right in-house person. We're helping with the hiring process.


Established in 1996, Government Services Group, Inc. (GSG), is a Florida-based consulting firm specializing in local, state and federal government stormwater, water & wastewater, grants management, community development, fire services, revenue enhancement, and program administration. 


Essential Technical Skills Writing Graphics Design including Adobe Suite—ability to design brochures, pamphlets, flyers and other materials Knowledge of Social Media (FB, TW) Knowledge of WORDPRESS and web-based marketing/communication tools


Personal Skills Government Relations a BIG plus, knowledge of or experience in government service valuable. Analytic Aptitude—able to assess a challenge and suggest response(s) Multi-tasking Detail oriented (but able to see the big picture) Inquisitive—Wants to know/understand the organization, clients, work Independent—Works well alone and self-directed, but also able to be part of a team

Desired or Required:

Must have a minimum of B.A. or B.S. in communication, marketing, advertising or related degree and must have 5-7 years of experience.


Full benefits.
How To Apply:

Send resume (to start) to:

Additional Information:
A portfolio of work is required. A summary of major job accomplishments/successes is required. Candidates will take an onsite writing test. Candidates will be asked to make an oral presentation beyond the interview.